We offer a range of engineering services:

Racing Engine Crankshafts

We manufacture a variety of high quality crankshafts for racing engines. Our popular items are Ford BDA and Honda K20 crankshafts, we also make Suzuki, Nissan and other Ford crankshaft.

Nissan Nascar Crankshaft
Six cylinder Nissan Nascar Crankshaft

By using the latest Mori Seiki multi axis CNC machines coupled with the best quality tools we can ensure reproducible standards on every crankshaft we make.

Ford BDA Crankshaft made by Allens
Allens – Ford BDA Crankshaft

All of our machined products go through a stress relief and quality control process ensuring our customers receive reliable, high quality products.


Specialist Crankshafts

We can make crankshafts for vintage, classic and modern classic restoration projects, or using our design services to produce working diagrams and machining plans we can make special “one-off” crankshafts to meet customer requirements.

Ford Duratec crankshaft
Ford Duratec crankshaft

Con Rods

We stock a range of con rods by Saenz, who use the best steel and titanium alloys. They are machined with the latest in CNC technology and submitted to exhaustive quality control procedures.

Saenz billet con rods are amongst the best in the world and are used by many of the top racing series and teams. Due to their quality control systems the durability of Saenz con rods is unquestionable.


It can take 2 to 4.5 hours to machine a crankshaft from a billet
It can take 2 to 5 hours to machine a crankshaft from a billet.


A finished crankshaft
All finished crankshafts are stress relieved.


Ford Duratec crankshaft
Allens – Ford Duratec crankshaft


Selection of con rods available from Allen's